The Editing Process

What to Expect of My Services


I try to make the journey of getting started with a literary consultant an easy and exciting time. If interested in my services, please send me an email with a quick blurb on who you are. I will respond with an email questionnaire asking more information about your book, needs and goals. Once I receive that reply, I will offer you a sample edit of 5 pages pulled from a chapter in the middle of your book if I feel the project meets my requirements and I can help you. Once you have reviewed my critique style, you will then have the opportunity to decide on how you would like to proceed. You can choose from a variety of services depending on your budget and needs to move your manuscript where it needs to be.

Once you have signed a digital contract, we will engage in a 30-minute phone consultation where you tell me important details about your book. I will ultimately be able to help make your manuscript a truly magical gem that will be desired by agents, publishers, readers, and your family and friends. In the end, I will coach you on becoming a better writer before your readers actually see the book. I will give you a chance to fix or improve what the reader sees so you will have ample opportunity to nurture the manuscript into a true work of art.

All Editorial Letters Will  Include Comments on the Following:

Identifying issues, strengths, weaknesses and suggestions in plot/story/characterization

Identifying issues, strengths, weaknesses and suggestions with your writing style 

Reporting on effectiveness of your introductory chapter (is it hooking/compelling/etc.)

Improving the stakes of characters through tension and conflict

Your use of language, dialogue and discourse elements

Adding more where more detail or change would improve a scene

Telling you what you do well or should do more of

A discussion of character stakes, hooks and chapter beginnings and endings

Setting from various scenes and how they can be altered to support the purpose of the chapter

Concerns, observations, suggestions over your use of point of view

Posing any ‘reader’ view questions that pop in my mind as a reader

Gently suggesting to you any changes that would improve the reader experience

Pointing out strengths and weaknesses of your characters early-on (first impressions matter)

Understanding your effectiveness in using tension and conflict (this is what makes great fiction)

And much more…


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