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Literary Services

First Impression Package

Close read/analysis of the first 10k words of your book, a page-by-page developmental edit using Microsoft track changes, and a 2-3 page editorial letter. The preferred service if a full edit isn't needed or for those planning to submit a section to an agent or publisher by following an industry norm for marketability.

Manuscript Critique

A full linear read of your manuscript where I take detailed notes that I then put into a 7-10 page professional editorial letter. Covers plot, POV, grammar, setting, theme, dialogue, flow, tone, emotion, action, pace, hooks, closures, setting, structure, problems, and more. My most affordable service prior to any form of professional editing.

Developmental Editing

An elaborate and valuable service ideal for those who desire a complete analysis on the bigger-picture level that focuses on higher-level questions on form, shape, story line, plot, and character-level or structural issues. Includes page-by-page commentary and a 7-10 page editorial letter meant to polish your overall story prior to a full copy edit.

Basic Editorial Services

Line Editing w/Light Copy Editing

This service includes fixing individual scene and paragraph-level issues. It is about your writing as a whole (voice, style, techniques, choices, method) and analyzes the finer details of each chapter instead of focusing on the plot and story as a whole. Includes suggestions for sentence structure, word choice, and word play, including how they lay out on your page. Wording issues are tidied up and repaired. Notations are made for scene discrepancies. Line editing automatically includes a very light copy edit where typos or mistakes will be highlighted. 

Note - This is not a pure or straight copy edit service. After a line edit and light copy edit, it is recommended that the author make the recommended changes prior to receiving a final proofread, which is an individual service offered at a repeat client discount.


Coaching Services

Book Coaching

A beneficial service to use as needed for guidance, mentoring or teaching assistance with getting over humps, solving writer's block or improving your story. Can be used no matter how far along you are in your book in any way you wish.

Phone Consulting

Hourly consultations to use as needed for feedback, brainstorming, problem-solving, developing, assistance with writer's block, developing plot points, or discussing my edits.

Read and Record Commentary

A unique service highly desired by authors which includes sending me a section of your book to read, and my then recording a 40-60 minute audio message of feedback to send via email or phone text for your review.

Extra Services

Professional Book Review

Need publicity for your book? This service includes a positive book review highlighting unique and powerful elements in your story to use on your social media accounts for online selling platforms. I will post on your pages as a reviewer and share it on my website for others to discover.

Final Proofread

Once your book has received a developmental edit, critique, and copy edit for errors be they completed by me or not, I will perform a line-by-line final proofread to catch errors and perfect your manuscript for submission to agents and publishers. This is a final quality control check.

Writer's Toolkits

Authors have the option of purchasing a special E-book packet of worksheets, documents, articles and tips, cheats and tricks for creating powerful 'sellable' fiction that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Audio Commentary Services

Learn more about my read and record audio commentary package highly sought after

Receive 'The Works' Package

A Comprehensive Service to Get You Noticed

For serious writers who are equally serious about publishing their novel, this comprehensive package offers the best bang for your buck and is payable in three payments. Highly suggested if multiple services are desired.

'The Works' package includes a complete read of your manuscript with a full developmental edit using Microsoft track changes on page-by-page commentary, a 7-10 page full analysis and editorial letter, a complete coaching package with 4-weeks of sessions, a 1-hour final phone consultation upon edit completion, a 40-60 minute audio commentary of my suggestions sent to your text or email, a professional book review, a featuring of your book and cover, along with a link to purchase once published on my website, a printed copy of each of my own novels, and my full writer's toolkit downloadable E-book success kit.

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My 'Works' Package

Check out this video describing the purpose and benefit behind my detailed and inclusive author service package known as "the works"

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